Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Apparently, my political views classify me as a Liberal. I often have to defend my opinions, as someone who is classified as a Conservative must do at times as well. Sometimes, the arguments, and the debates make me tired. They go no where. I think you are narrow minded, you think I am crazy. At the end of the day, no one walks away with a changed viewpoint. It goes no where. It just frustrates.

Looks like this is happening on a much larger scale, within our own government. And with that, no movement. Nothing progressing. It just seems to be a whole lot of arguing, and time wasted, at the expense of quite a few Americans right now.

I know of too many families, myself included, scratching their heads, and trying to figure out how they are going to provide Christmas. I know of too many families, far more than I would care to say, who are concerned about keeping everyone fed, and a roof over their children's head. Forget about Christmas.

I watched my daughter's teacher, Mr. Schubert, dressed as Superman at the Halloween Parade the other day. He had the class behind him, in single file, all in their costumes, and all of them with smiles on there faces. He led them around the school field, like ducklings, with his red cape blowing behind him.

 It made me think about what lies before our children. All of our children. Where are we leading them? Will things be better for them? Will they be able to go to college, and try their shots at a good, honest life? Or will things be worse for them? I think a lot of us thought we would do as well as our parents, if not better.   

I recall the emotions I felt during our last election. I wept. I literally wept, because I felt that change was imminent. I thought that things were going to get better, not just for my family, but for millions of families and individuals, just trying to hold it together. I thought that within the year, we would all be OK.

Sadly, things seem worse. And I don't care what side of the fence you are on...Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat....we are all feeling this. In some way, this is touching all of us. I am tired of hearing "get a job", or, "stop looking for a handout".

How about not passing judgement, and maybe consider a bit more compassion. This is no longer about your political affiliation. This is just the status quo. This is happening to everyone you know. Maybe not you personally, but your neighbor is struggling. You have family members who are having a hard time. You have co-workers who are feeling this. It is all around you.

I read this the other day, on an NPR site, written by someone named Kristopher Purzycki. He wrote " After numerous attempts to handle this situation responsibly with the mortgage lender, we are about to give up, start over, and move on. We realize that the well being of our family is being threatened only by the very ideals we thought we were supposed to strive for."

I keep thinking about all of those little ducklings following Superman.

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  1. I know a number of self described conservatives who love to spout off about how all these folks should go get a job. Where I say? This is my 4th time looking in 7 years and there is NOTHING out there. And all our bills keep going up, with no stopping in sight.
    Yes, I am trying to put something together on my own. But it's slow going and not going to fix our cash flow anytime soon. Nor any of the things on the house that need to be repaired nor allow us to take a real vacation, our first in years.
    I also like to point out to them that most of the 'conservatives' I know work for the government - they are teachers, cops, heck, they work for the Dept. of Defense! Sure, they can look down on us from their cozy, employed towers that we pay for..... And they all love to say goverment is too big and they love to blame Obama. Who did they blame when Bush was in office, starting immoral wars and driving up our debt?
    It took us a long time to get where we are now. There are many to blame. The entire system needs to change. Period. No one person can fix this. And everyone needs to stop behaving like a bunch of 2 year olds. Every last one of them needs a serious time out.