Thursday, November 17, 2011


Heading to the store today. I am picking up our free turkey from our grocery store. We get one every year, for shopping there. I am planning on brining it. And I saw a yummy apple pie recipe in a magazine that you make in a cast iron pan, and it looks easy. I am no baker. I actually can't stand it. Too scientific. Too precise. Maybe I will make a pumpkin pie too. Olivia hates cooked fruit, but likes pumpkin pie. Go figure.

I happened to watch Oprah's "Life class" a month or so ago. She had on a family that was fractured. Broken, actually. 5 sisters who had no relationship. Years of fighting, and finger pointing. She had them on her show in the 1990's. She was following up with them, presently, to see what had become of them, and if there was any forward movement in their relationships. The show was about living in the past, and perpetuating anger, and pain.

It was such a simple, beautiful message. She talked about holding on to anger, and living with it, in your heart, and not letting it go. It is an awful way to live, and will never go anywhere. It surrounds your spirit, and you become that awful feeling. You give it power, and continue to let it move forward with you, into your present day, and your future, when really, it is over. It is past. And to continue holding on to it, will only lead you to be responsible for perpetuating it.

I just loved those words. The simple act of allowing yourself to release something, and walk away from it, just sounded so freeing to me. And it is easy. It doesn't mean you have to say, "what you did is OK". It means that you can still feel you have been wronged, but it is useless to keep it in your heart. Continuing to live looking behind your back, will never let you navigate forward. Ever. You will never get where you want to go.

That message resonated with me. Especially watching the sisters, present day. It took them years to finally let go. Let go of anger, and finger pointing. Sadly, they lost one sister along the way, and many, many years together. But there they were. Happy and together. And unable to recall why they were all so mad at one another.

Forward. That was my mind set this week. Not perpetuating the past. It was coming from a good place in my heart. And it will continue to. I am looking forward to this holiday season. I am stressed, as money is tight, and here it all is, bearing down on us. But, the universe has provided for me, and my family. Like my free turkey. And the faces that I get to see every day. And the ideas and plans we have. The message is clear.

No looking back.

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  1. Yes, exactly.

    I love this post. This is exactly where I've been at for the last 2 years - trying to stop looking back and moving forward. Letting go. It's a process, sometimes hard, but a good one. I have recieved so many gifts since I started learning how to let go.