Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting for Friday

It is Monday. I have a little over a quater tank of gas. I have chicken, chicken, and more chicken in the freezer. I have about $6.00 to my name. I can see it in the giant plastic water cooler jug. (the vacation fund....that I continue to empty once a month, and the girls get mad, because they are actually thinking we are saving for a vacation!)

Payday isn't until Friday, and that gas has to stretch from today, until then. I have to take Olivia to Brownies tonight, and I have to drive to and from the bus stop. So, I think that any other trips are out, which makes me feel bad for Molly. Today we normally go to story time at the library, but I can't stretch the gas to include that round trip, so we won't be going today.

My secret indulgence this week has been Pinterest. I can't believe how talented some people are. And some of the ideas they come up with are genius. It is making me want to re-purpose everything I have around here. I saw flowers planted in an old rusty radio flyer wagon. We have one, rescued from the trash, and given to us by Davids grandfather. I can't wait to clean it up, and fill it with soil, and bright flowers. I know just where I will put it.

I made a sugar scrub yesterday from a recipe I saw there as well. Could not have been easier. Three ingredients. Looking forward to my shower. Some of the recipes are inspiring too. And seeing as I have four nights worth of chicken, I have discovered several meals that I can make, and maybe my girls won't complain too much. Chicken...reinvented.

Thankfully, I made lentil soup last week, and froze individual portions of it, so it looks like I know what I am having for lunch everyday. And I just heard the garbage men roll away. The bill is late. But they picked up. Whew!

Just another Monday.

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  1. Can you carpool to any of those things? Carpooling has been a life saver for me. Gas on my van seems to just vanish.