Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Making a pot of chili. The wind is howling. Of course, I just restocked our fridge, so I keep thinking we are going to lose power at any moment, so I am cooking now, in preparation for darkness. At least we can use the back deck as a giant freezer.

I saw an ambulance go up the block yesterday, to the house where the person lives who is drunk everyday. It went up slowly, and was there for a bit, and as I was waiting for the girls bus, it left slowly. I have been worried. And today, two police cars drove up the block.

I hope that it isn't anything bad. I think I would live with regret forever.

Three day weekend is upon us. The kids will be home from school soon. So will David. I look forward to weekends. I love us all being together. Not every second, mind you. But I love having them all safe here with me.

So chili will be served, by candle light tonight...with or without power.

And a small prayer whispered at dinner, for a broken soul.

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