Tuesday, January 10, 2012

stop and smell the paperwhites

Just a few shots of some things that made me happy over the last few days.

Molly getting "big girl panties". An unbelievable winter sunset, and my paper whites. Davids arch enemy.

I plant them every year. And every year David gets headaches from their powerful fragrance. I love the smell, and I love having flowers blooming indoors, when it is so bare outside.

 David thinks I do it deliberately, knowing how they make him nauseous. I don't. Honestly. But every year, I pot the bulbs, and the girls love watching their overnight growth, and every year, David sneezes from them.

But he suffers, and I continue. I don't know. I really should re-think them. But I LOVE looking at them. And smelling them. I do think though, that he likes looking at them.

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  1. I just stumbled onto your blog while scrolling through on Top Mom Blogs. I am glad I found it. I added myself as a follower, as I am interested in your story already.

    PS....I adore the photo of the "big girl panties". Heehee....how precious is that?