Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January, and all of its splendor

The noise in my car is louder than ever. And the inspection is up. And I need four new tires. SO....looks like I won't be going anywhere for a while.

 David gets paid today, and we have a stack of bills to pay. The ones that I pretended didn't come over the happy Christmas season. The ones that I totally forgot about...well not really...but filed away in my mind to be dealt with later. Sadly, later has arrived. Car insurance is due on the car that I can't afford to fix and drive. Ironic.

And the girls. Olivia has had some sort of a growth spurt, and none of her school clothes fit. It makes me upset. She is getting bigger. That in itself makes me sad. I want to shrink them. Keep them little. But since that isn't going to happen, the growth is hard to keep up with. I feel like we just got her new sneakers. But she needs new pants, and new shoes, and new shirts. That is just her public school uniform. She also needs new jeans, and a new winter coat, and some new socks. It never ends.

Charlotte is tiny, and has not had a growth spurt in a while. And thankfully, she gets all of Olivia's clothes, so she has a massive wardrobe. But her sneakers aren't fitting quite so well anymore. And she needs new socks. And everybody needs new gloves, because they disappear. Daily. No matter how many gloves I buy, they vanish. It is a seasonal mystery.

Food level is low. I hate how empty the fridge looks at the end of the pay cycle. I pull what we have in there closer to the front of the shelves so it doesn't look quite so empty. We had pasta last night with sauce that I made and canned over the summer, from tomatoes from Josie Porter Farm. The smell of the basil, and those beautiful tomatoes took me back to a warmer time. A time that did not have me panicked that my heat was running CONSTANTLY.

And I swear, someone is eating grated cheese here, by the bowl full. We go through so much of it. Or maybe it's that we eat so much pasta. Either way, I am always buying it, and it is always gone. Another mystery. The cheese and the gloves are somewhere together laughing at me.

The price of paper napkins has gotten so out of control, that I just can't do it anymore. To buy something that you are going to throw away just drives me crazy. We have been using cloth ones, but that makes me nuts, because it increases laundry, and that is an expense. Eating is costing too much as it is. I just can't add to the expense. I swear, I wish we were like snakes, and only required a meal or two, every few months. This daily eating, and all the paraphernalia that it requires is putting me over the edge.

Weather man says that the "warmer temperatures" we had been having will return. That will be a relief.

 I can't take the expense of just sitting in my warm house. It is way too costly.


  1. My "maintence required" light keeps going off. To get the car out of park requires a screwdriver. We think it just needs a new brakeswitch, that can be replaced ourselves, within minutes, for $60. We hope. I don't think the light is related to this, as we've been doing the screwdriver thing for a few weeks and the light just came on the other day.

    We installed a programable thermostat a few years ago, so the heat is only on in the mornings and evenings. I grew up in a cold house, so this is nothing new to me. Layers, and lots of them are key.

    I have a slew of cloth napkins that we use for days on end between washings, that I've collected at thrift shops and yard sales over the years. Oh, and I never use the full amount of laundry detergent - I find in my front loader, it makes too many suds. So when that bottle says 64 loads, I know I can get 2 maybe 3 times that out of it.

    Cheap AND lazy has some upsides.

  2. Hi!
    Love your blog. I think I can help with some of your car trouble. My hubby and I found we became "allergic" to spending a fortune for stuff on our cars. The first thing we do is if we know what the problem is, we go to youtube and see if there is a video demonstrating how to fix it. Thanks to youtube, we have successfully changed differential fluid, fixed the bearing and fixed the CV joints in both of our cars. Yes, it helps if you and/or your spouse is mechanical but the instructions are usually foolproof. The other thing we have discovered is used tires. We found if we looked online we could order the tires and have them shipped to our house. The other thing we do is we go to a place on Union Blvd in Allentown that does the same thing. They will install them if you desire for way less than you would pay for getting new ones. Used tires are practically new. The ones we just got for my car are barely used. If you order online and they are shipped to your home, you can go to 9th street tire in Stroudsburg and they will install them cheaply. Truly, if you cannot trust yourself to buy the tires yourself, 9th street tire also has used tires. They are a little more expensive then the other options I gave you but the guys there are fair and honest. Their services are pretty inexpensive too. Our family has been going through a rough few years and we have been doing many of the same things you do. We just found there were many things we were paying for we could do ourselves, thanks to the internet. We have saved our family a boatload of money. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  3. Hi Erin,
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