Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seeing red

Olivia is home sick from school. She has an upper respiratory infection, and pink eye. I picked up her anti-biotic yesterday, after her doctor appointment, and her eye drops were not ready. I had to go back this morning, and when I did, the pharmacist told me that it was $45.00.


$45.00 dollars for eye drops. I had to leave in disbelief. Without the eye drops. I have some older eye drops from the last go around of pink eye in the house, that certainly never cost me $45.00, and are probably half as effective, so that is what Olivia will get. Because $45.00 is out of the question today. Actually, most days.

And now I am feeling really not so good anymore about the hamsters. Happy girls for sure, but one with really red eyes.

Some days, this crap just really gets old. This is one of those days.


  1. I'm so sorry. Did you call the doctor to see if they could prescribe something less expensive? I usually try to remember to ask our doctors if the thing they're prescribing is the least expensive option that will still serve it's purpose.

  2. I hate it for you.

    My co-pay for my birth control, which is actually more of a hormone regulator, just jumped, without warning, $15 a month. It has now officially doubled since last May. Figuring out where the cut on the budget is going to be to balance it out.

    And on a much more entertaining note, I finally went to the dr for this rash on my face yesterday - and when I picked up the prescription, I had been given something that was labeled for uhm, 'lady parts' only. My husband is still laughing about that....