Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My conscience

And then there is this one. Some days, I could cry she exasperates me so. Stubborn, and defiant. When yelled at, she yells back louder. She is fearless. But as sensitive and fragile as a snowflake. I wish I could crawl in her head, and listen to what is going on.

Her love of nature inspires me. Her creative mind blows me away. Her spirit. Wow. There is no word to describe the complex person she is. I sometimes feel so unattached to her, and can't believe she is mine, and then there are those moments when I know. I just know.

She makes us all laugh too. Her sense of humor amazes me. I can be harder on her than the others, and for that, I feel bad. When she is good, she is spectacular. To witness her is brilliance. But when she wants, she can be, just so...so hard. I tell her to grow up too much.

She will. And then I will just want to go back in time.

 She teaches me more about myself than I want to know sometimes.

Thank you dear snowflake.

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