Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last night

Last night, I roasted a chicken, and some brussel sprouts, and a turnip. There was stuffing and gravy.

The day was sunny and glorious. And I was given good news to boot. Really good news. The kind that makes you speak in giggles. The kind that made my cheeks, and neck flush.

There was even an outdoor fire outside on the deck. And blankets. With Molly snuggled asleep under one of them. And it felt warm, and safe, and like I never wanted the moment to pass.

But it has, and today, I swept the ashes off the deck, and collected the sticks strewn about, and fixed the cushions on the outdoor chairs, and folded the blankets, and brought them inside.

But my hair still smells like smoke. A memory so simple and sweet, wrapped up in my hair. And forever in my mind.