Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Big day today. Big.

Today, David is going to court. He is going to our long awaited "mediation". Today, he will sit down with someone representing Citimortgage. Someone, I am assuming, would be a lawyer. We do not have a lawyer. Someone I know recently went through this same procedure a few weeks back, and did not have a lawyer either. She said that a lot of people there, for the mediation, did. She observed three deals go down, before the judge even saw them. Her "mediation" was over and done within thirty seconds, without a positive outcome.

I don't have a good feeling about today.

Especially that I won't be there.

Olivia is home with bronchitis. And we were already instructed to not bring children. So here I will be. Waiting. And cringing, knowing that I could really argue our case. I know David can. But I know that at times, even though I tend to be overly verbose, I can really argue my point. David sticks to the facts. I go with my heart. I am sure David is relieved that I will be here, and not there.

Emptied our vacation fund yesterday. Thank God for Coinstar. Some weeks, the wiggle room between today and payday gets a little too tight. Olivia was excited that I was emptying the contents of our fund and taking it to the bank. She thought that we were going on vacation. She actually asked me if we had enough money to buy plane tickets somewhere.  *sigh*

Last night, the girls were in their school talent show. Charlotte sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". My Charlotte, the one who used to hide behind my knee, and only spoke in front of chosen adults. She amazes me every day.

Olivia had a 103 degree fever. But she slapped a smile on her face, and went on stage, and did her dance, with her BFF. She didn't want to let her friend down. She danced, and sang. I was swelling with pride. So was David. On the walk to the car, she broke down, and cried, and told us how awful she felt. She had to be carried into the house, and she didn't even want to take her coat or boots off. I undressed her, and gave her Advil and put her to bed. She was so out of it.

I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and checked her. Her skin was cool. She looked like my baby, just for a moment. If I just focused my eyes on her lips, and nose, and cheeks, and her closed eyes, the baby face is still there.


  1. Good luck today guys...

  2. Good luck!! Good things have started happening-- maybe it's gonna spread your way today!!!