Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rain again. The already saturated ground is trying so hard to soak up what has fallen all night. I keep thinking what a green spring we will have. And the small lumps of snow that lined the driveway from weekly shoveling are almost gone.

I spoke with my girlfriend on the phone yesterday. Her husband is out of work. He was laid off about a month ago. He is not getting unemployment, as he works as a contractor. Their emergency savings is down to nothing, and they are eating what is left in her freezer. They have three kids. She works a minimum wage job, and is trying to get more hours. I heard the absolute fright in her voice. I thought about her all day.

I saw another friend whose husband is out of work for two months now. They are panicked. He is collecting unemployment, but it isn't covering their expenses. The stress was on her face.

Both of these men have job interviews Friday. My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed for them all. Time is ticking loudly. 

My at home work is getting more interesting. Another project by my employer was given to me, in addition to my original job. I am so excited at this chance. I was reading during dinner last night, which the girls objected to, but I had to squeeze it in when I could.

The orchid on my windowsill is opening. Nine buds, poised to blow open. One blossomed on Monday. Yesterday, the second one showed itself. I had given up on that orchid so many times. It has truly surprised us here, and is revealing something that I never knew it had in it.

I am glad I didn't give up on it.

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