Friday, March 25, 2011


Roasted tomatoes and onions and garlic yesterday. Made it into soup. It was delicious. Snow is still on the ground. It looks out of place, as the light has changed. It shouldn't be here. While the soup was good, I hope it is my last pot of the season.

We are going to visit our friends this weekend. They live in our old house. Our love shack. It is always a bit surreal going there. We can't afford to go, and they can't afford to have us, but between all of us, we have enough. And enough laughs to see us through the next few months. There is something so special to me, to be able to sit, and relax, and really talk with people who genuninely care about you, and you feel the same. You really get down to the nitty gritty.

The girls are excited. A weekend away, is like a vacation for them. It is a much needed change of scenery. They are both so much like me. They both woke up stressed about the change in their day. We are picking them up early. Olivia wanted to know if she should bring her coat and bag to lunch. Charlotte made sure to tell me that she eats lunch when the big hand is close to the 11. (?)

Molly won't stop crying lately. All day. I noticed a molar. I will blame that. It is maddening at times. I cleaned a house the other night. I was so happy to get away from her for a few hours. I cleaned three full bathrooms with a smile on my face.

Lot's of balls in the air. We are waiting for them to land. It is this suspended part that has me jumpy. I want to know, but I don't.

I started biting my nails again. Just when they looked nice, too.

Waiting for tomorrow is a waste of today.

I have to keep telling myself that.

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