Monday, March 7, 2011


Words are not coming easy for me today. I have received some amazing comments, and e-mails. I have also received some really awful ones. I am human. I am also sensitive, and they have really hurt me. Especially when they are from nameless, faceless people. People judging my life, and my family, when they don't know the full story, or the circumstances, or have not read beyond the fluffy title, and intro to my blog, which has always been tongue- in- cheek.

A blog is an online journal. It can be about anything. There are gardening blogs, and photography blogs. Food blogs are great. Political blogs can cause quite a stir. My blog is about me, and my family. We are struggling right now, but not like a lot of other people are. I have never failed to recognize that. But these struggles are mine. And they are identical to so many in not only my region of the country, but millions effected by the worst downturn in our economy in 70 years. People are having a hard time. I am not at a poverty level. I am not at a point of being on the street. My husband and I work hard for all that we have. We worked our butts off to get where we are, and will do whatever it takes to provide a safe home, and life for our kids.

To give up, and "cut my losses" as some have suggested, would be irresponsible, as my foreclosure is fraudulent, and I just wont let a bank treat us as it has countless families and individuals. I will fight until there is nothing left to fight, because that is my nature. To walk away would be asking for others to pay my debt.

Someone will always have something negative to say. I have asked for nothing. I simply document my life. A very un-extraordinary life. I am nobody. Nobody to a stranger. But I am somebody to some very important people in my life. I am unlike you. But to some, our lives are the same. To fight for what you have worked so hard for is human nature. To condemn that is odd to me.

The girls have a two hour delay. Snow blanketed the ground overnight, just as it had all finally gone away. The wind is howling. Today, I am meeting someone who has offered me some work. Work that I can do from home. I am really excited to meet with him. His wife owns a very successful business that she started in the basement of their home decades ago. They lived in my neighborhood, and raised their children here. He said they purchased an IBM computer, and it all began there, and is now a hugely successful company. I think that is pretty incredible.


  1. Keep your chin up...the Trolls will go away and pester someone else. Good luck today! xoxo

  2. i have a good feeling about this :)

  3. Keep your chin up. Sounds like a great opportunity has been presented to you and you need to run with it! Shrug off any negativity that's being thrown at you, and walk side by side with the positives. Stand strong : )

  4. That's awesome.

    Dana Milbank wrote in the Washington Post this weekend about his own struggles with citibank....

    You are definitely not alone.

  5. I have my fingers crossed too! Look into and (I think these addresses are right) Both are freelance sites that pay.

    You are right. Fighting for something is better than walking away...