Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When my father-in-law arrived on Friday, he came with David, in a U-Haul truck. Some furniture from Grandpa Joe's house, was given to us. It had to be transported here from Long Island, so David's dad paid for it to be delivered here. We needed dressers. We had a chair in the corner of our bedroom that was piled high with clothes, and at least once a week would "avalanche" to the floor.

The dressers are almost 50 years old. Heavy, sturdy pieces of furniture. Mahogany. They are painted a strange color. I can't quite put my finger on it. I had plans of stripping them, and painting them white, but when we put them in our bedroom, they matched the walls, and our sheets and bedspread. They match perfectly.

I put all of our clothes away, and placed our things, on the dressers. I hung the old mirror above the dresser. It is a little gaudy, but I like it. The mirror is old, and not very clear. Your reflection appears a bit cloudy. I rearranged some pictures on the wall, and hung a mirror of my own, next to it. The whole effect is really nice. I keep going in our bedroom, because for the first time, in almost 8 years, it looks really nice. Not forgotten.

The dresser has a discolored mark on the top of it. It is apparently from David's grandmother's ash tray. She kept it in one spot. I was cleaning the inside of the drawers and found some ancient looking bobby pins. David kept them. There was an old 10 cent stamp too. Tiny remnants of people no longer here.

As I was hanging my paintings on the wall, I thought that maybe I shouldn't be doing it. Maybe we will be gone in a year or so. Maybe it was foolish of me to be "re-decorating" a bedroom that we might not be living in much longer.

Or maybe, we will be.

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  1. Worrying about the future is so time consuming, but... decorate, dance, look into your daughters' beautiful eyes and live EACH moment to the fullest!