Thursday, March 31, 2011


Snow. We are getting more snow. It melted yesterday. I heard it dripping outside of my windows. Today, it has started to fall. Again. 5 to 10 inches will be back on the ground, before it is all said and done. This winter just keeps swinging. I hate it.


That is how I feel.

My hope has been replaced with anger.

The "mediation" did not go well. Citimortgage showed up, in the form of a thirty year old lawyer, who doodled while David argued his case, and a twenty five year old, fresh out of school girl, complete with tattoos, who was Citi's representative.

David had his t's crossed, and his i's dotted. He was prepared. They listened, and as far as coming to some sort of agreement, regarding our mortgage, and keeping us in our home, they never were going to budge. The offer was exactly what it was a year ago. No offer at all. There was no "mediation". What it was, was a dog and pony show, put on by our county, and attended by our mortgage company, so all involved can say that there is some sort of program in place. Who actually is getting help, remains a mystery. 

Like the HAMP program. It is helping NO ONE. Even the government recognizes this, and is phasing the program out. It is all a bunch of BS. David took a day off, in vain. There was no discussion. There was no understanding. Mortgage companies would rather foreclose, than assist. Plain and simple. It is a write off, and when it is all said and done, they get free real estate. They have tons of it. They can rent it, sell it. They get to write it off, and profit off of it, numerous times. They win!

A few years ago, I had to call our insurance company. We didn't have coverage for a test that Olivia had to have. I remember crying to the operator on the phone, because we could not afford the test, and it was going to rule something out regarding Olivia's health, that could have been potentially very bad. I remember she said to me, very matter of fact, that she understood, and if I didn't have any more questions for her, was I satisfied with our phone call. There was no emergency line she was going to connect me to. There was no manager who was going to over ride the decision, because they could see, that a little girl needed an important test. It was all business.

I banked on yesterday. I foolishly thought that my county was so alarmed by the obscene amount of empty houses, and the gigantic number of pending foreclosures, they were going to facilitate some sort of discussion between homeowner, and mortgage company, and come to solutions for all. My house, the one that is worth less than half of what I owe on it, the one surrounded by empty houses, in a county, with the highest foreclosure rate in the state of Pennsylvania, will soon be joining the lot of them.

Thank you for nothing Monroe County.

Thank you for nothing Cititmortgage.

There is no help for people that want to be helped. It simply does not exist.

Business as usual.


  1. This just sucks. I wish I knew what to say besides that.

  2. i am so sorry,, you have time to try somethin else..what could be the earliest schedueled sheriffs sale ?