Monday, March 21, 2011


David's Dad left on Friday. The visit was nice. The girls loved it. They were sad when he left. I always sleep better when family are here. Like when my parents spend the weekend. I feel safer knowing we are all here together. I felt that way with my father-in-law here. We were just a little more secure.

The weather fooled us all into thinking that the cold and snow was over. I eyed up our snow shovel on the front deck on Friday, and thought about putting it away for the season. Doors were opened. The breeze blew through the house, removing all of our stale, winter air. My orchid is putting on quite a show. The girls love checking to see how many blooms are opened, each morning.

The baby has croup. She is better today. I took her to the doctor after a night of listening to her cough like a seal. She is on antibiotics, and a steroid. She needs a nebulizer treatment three times a day. She loves the attention of having to sit with a mask on, and makes sure everyone gathers around her. I kept thinking how thankful I was to have medicine, and diapers. I kept thinking about desperate people in Japan. Frightened parents, with babies. Unable to get help for their families.

Charlotte was sick yesterday. She was lying on the couch all day, with a pain in her neck. The pain got so bad that she cried. I, of course, began researching spinal meningitis, and my heart began to race. I kept checking her for signs of mental confusion, and lethargy. David thought I was nuts. She apparently slept funny on her pillow all night. I was ready to whisk her off to the emergency room. Than she told me she was feeling better, and I was relieved.

Today, snow. No school. The girls are eating blackberries. And toast. And fighting.


Talk of the Middle East again. Financially, it would save our life. I can't imagine what else it would do to it. The two days David was gone a few weeks ago was rough on the girls. And me. I am the serious parent. David is the fun one, with endless patience for the girls. I do not have that ability. The patience part. I worry about being unable to step up to the plate. I worry about it all.

What a difference a year, or a month, or a week, makes. What a difference a day can make.

Like night and day.

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  1. Hi. Miss our email chats! Just wanted to tell you that YOU WILL HAVE THE ABILITY to step up to the plate! You are a mother and you will do whatever is necessary for your family. In those moments, you WILL have the ability. It may not be your daily strength, but have no doubt... in the moment, there is nothing you can't do, Erin. Love you