Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is David's birthday. He is 41. We had a little dinner for him over the weekend. I made linguine and clam sauce. We had cupcakes. The girls love birthdays. Today, after Olivia's dentist appointment, we will have another birthday party. The girls would never let the actual day go unrecognized. Olivia wished us a Happy President's Day yesterday, so today must be celebrated.

Today I will be dropping off our proposal to the lovely counselor, at the Credit Agency. We had to write what we are hoping the mortgage company will do for us. I guess from there, they can counter offer, or they don't have to do anything at all. We looked up home prices in our neighborhood, with the same amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage. We were shocked by the low prices. The de-valuation of our entire area is staggering. The inflated price that we owe for this house, due to late fees, plus legal fees, not to mention the obscene amount of back mortgage payments, thanks to our mortgage company dragging the "trial period" of our never to be modification on for far too long. It is disgusting. It is greed.

So we proposed that the mortgage company short sale us the house for the current market value, which is around $83,000.00. They are willing to sell it for less than that, to a stranger.  Citimortgage...allow my family to avoid foreclosure. Keep us in our home. Accept some sort of payment for this house, instead of letting it sit empty for years, and rot, and need repairs. I say, it will cost you far less in the end, to keep us in our house, instead of kicking us out of it, and allow it to sit, and fall into disrepair, like all of the other countless empty homes in my neighborhood.

There is a house that has been empty since we moved here, almost 8 years ago, down the street from us. It was purchased last Spring. I was talking to the woman who owns it, at the bus stop on Thursday. She said they purchased it as a foreclosure, for $52,000.00. It has one more bedroom, and bathroom, than my house. It sat empty for over 7 years, only to be purchased for $52,000.00.

In a few years, when the market rebounds, we can sell this place, and you will get all that you invested in us back.

 Because we are a good investment. I promise you.

Fingers crossed that Olivia has no cavities. I have to decorate the house for our family party tonight, as I do every year. Mussels for dinner tonight. And some crusty bread. Maybe a movie.

Happy Birthday David. I love you to pieces.


  1. Your story makes me SO mad at big business. Me and my guys will include you and your family in our prayers. Keep up the good fight! :)

  2. I wonder if you couldn't buy your home back under an alias?