Saturday, February 12, 2011


I see this place. I see beauty. It is quiet, and you might not notice it outside of your car window, as you pass by it, but I see it all around me.

Where some see nothing special, I see character. The character of a place that I call home. The place where we became us. The place where I learned what "in good times, and in bad times" truly meant.

On Valentines Day, David and I are going to our meeting to prepare for our mediation with our mortgage company. We will fight this until we are forced to turn on our heels, and begin again, somewhere new.

Together. Fighting for us, and what is ours. What we have worked for.

I could not think of a more romantic thing to do.

 There is quiet beauty in it.


  1. your pictures are beautiful. i will be sending positive vibes to you on monday. stay strong, crazier things have happened. good luck xoxo

  2. I don't know if you did it on purpose or not, but I love that the pic of the iron gate came immediately after the one of the church (I think it's a church)-- the form of the gate mimics the architecture of the building.. I think so, anyway.

  3. Erin,
    I read your family's story today in the Record.
    Thank you for having the strength to share your story. My family, 3 kids too, have been devastated by this "mess" too. The banks, there have been a few of them during this ordeal, seemingly wanted us to be destroyed. I had a 3200 sq ft house that spiraled out of control when I refinanced in 2005 and took equity to pay off my credit cards. The companies said thank you very no longer have credit with us. I had no money and no credit. My taxes doubled (my fault due to ignorance) and my escrow doubled. No money, no credit and $2,000 jump in my payment. We now live in a trailer. My children are resilient and they have taught me great lessons on how to handle tragic events. I was poured out when it first happened. I handle threats of homelessness from the trailer park when I'm 2 weeks late with payment. I'm an artist too and my business is ridiculous now.
    You give me hope. When good families like ours fear not keeping our children warm, and nobody really makes us stronger. The 760 sq ft trailer has made us closer. We will get through this. Miracles happen!