Thursday, February 10, 2011


Above is a link for a blog written by the parents of a little boy, that I do not even know, who is sick with cancer. He is undergoing surgery today in a last shot effort to save his life. He is beautiful. He needs all of our prayers. Even just a positive thought thrown his way.

I was up most of the night with Molly. She is sick with something. I hate this age, when they can't tell you what is wrong. She was delirious with fever. She was roasting. I took her clothes off of her as she slept. I smoothed her matted, sticky hair off of her face.

 I could not imagine having a child so sick, and so weak, and on the verge of dying. I couldn't stop thinking about that little boy. I couldn't stop thinking about his parents, and how powerless they must feel. They must be terrified.

He deserves just a moment of every one's day today, of prayer and hope, as he has this operation today.

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