Monday, February 28, 2011

My fifteen minutes


  1. As I read the article, all I could think was, maybe THIS will get you the fair shake you so deserve. Best of luck.

  2. I just read ur thing in the pocono record an iam sorry for u an ur kids but there are ppl out there doin bad to an i really dont wanta c about it i live pay check to pay check an if u had this good job u talk about u should have money saved an y are u a stay at home mom go get a job it shouldnt matter where its at if u dont wanta be broke anymore do something about it!!

  3. *That* is awesome. Hoping for that fair shake, too! You and Molly look extra adorable, by-the-way.

  4. I'm sorry, but I can't stop thinking about the photo of you in the article in today's paper. If your budget is only a few hundred dollars short each month for your mortgage, why not sell some of your beautiful furniture? I haven't taken the time to read through your blog yet, but what I have read only confirms my suspicion from having read the newspaper article; you have not really changed your standard of living.
    You would like the mortgage company to fix your financial situation, but how much did you put into savings when you were wearing Prada? I have friends who lived on their savings for five years when the breadwinner lost his job! I have never owned a brand new couch or other furniture. I'm not asking anyone to pay off my debt.
    I'm honestly not trying to be mean with my comments. I just can't believe you can't see how selfish you are by wanting to continue to live your previous lifestyle. I certainly hope you did not take the advice of the counselor and actually take food from a pantry!
    Maybe I'm wrong (I hope I am), but I imagine you have smart phones with data plans, cable television (LCD HDTV), and vehicles that are newer than 2005.
    Take a look around Newburgh. You have a lot! If you didn't save enough to make it through difficult times, then at least be responsible enough to sell what you have and take some losses. Don't dump it on society.
    Why is your daughter starting preschool? That is not inexpensive...teach her at home until she is ready for public school. Take her to the library.
    I wish you the best for managing your situation.
    Sincerely, Heather Robinson

  5. It was very sad reading the article today. Best of luck to you and your family. Pray, pray, pray. That's all we can do.

  6. I hope hope hope that someone comes out of the woodwork to either: be a pro negotiator to talk sense to your mortgage people, OR (even better!) some richy rich reads your story, then reads your blog, and decides to give you a big ol happy day and pay off your mortgage! or give your and/or you hubby a great job to pay it off! this, I pray for you guys :) crazier things have happened :)

  7. You are brave to share so publicly. Best wishes to you and your family for better times soon.