Friday, February 4, 2011


The snow covering the ground is hard. It is ice. It looks so smooth. Like a lacquer coating on everything. It shines.

Food shopping was done early this morning. The refrigerator was completely empty before I left. Now it is full. That makes me so happy. Lot's of fruit and vegetables. Plenty.

Basil seeds are planted and growing. My lemon plant is growing after I re-potted it. The coffee plant is getting bigger and bigger. Charlotte's avocado plant is turning into a small tree.

 This weekend, I will plant some rosemary, and flowers. I have poppy seeds, and cosmos. Daisy, snapdragons and zinnias.

 There is a tree outside, coated in ice. But if you look carefully, there are tiny buds. Something is stirring out there.

It is Friday. Molly is napping. My house is clean. The girls are at school. David is at work.

It is still, except for the occasional crash. Icicles are falling off the house like daggers. 

 I have some things on the proverbial burner. Some pots on simmer.

I feel good.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous words. Gorgeous state of mind. Gorgeous.