Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Second snow day in a row. Spending lots of time indoors, looking out. David woke me up a little after 7:00 this morning. The groundhog would be emerging momentarily, and everyone was gathered around the computer, waiting. We cheered when we heard it would be an early Spring. I then had to tell the girls that Winter would be just as long, despite what Phil said.

February is short. We are already closer to March than we were yesterday. The days are getting a little longer. Day light stretching out just a bit more each day.

February is also filled with "holidays". Olivia informed me of this, after looking at her calender. There is of course, today, Groundhog Day. Presidents day is coming up. And of course, Valentines day, a favorite around here.

 Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. The girls were excited about that. They make me smile when I least expect it.

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  1. It was 60 and sunny and divine here in Virginia yesterday. And back to 20 by midnight.

    I walked around my yard and saw the start of a bloom on my hellebore. Spring IS on the way.