Monday, February 7, 2011


I had been planning a subject that I wanted to write about today, over the weekend. I took some photos yesterday, and had a general idea about my message. I woke up this morning a little before six a.m. and received an e-mail that has changed what my blog is about today, but the message is the same. Corporate bullying.

The e-mail was from a lawyer in Italy, representing Prada. The e-mail was very straightforward, and in a lot of legalese, stated that I was to cease using the title of my blog, and I have 10 days to do so, or I will face the wrath of their legal team, and will have to pay any and all damages to Prada, as apparently, they fear I might be profiting from their name.

And so, without stating the irony here, and without going into how I really feel, and without laughing too much out of sheer frustration, and anger, and just WTF???, I will simply say to Prada, and all of it's brands (Miu Miu) etc....I have not profited in any way. I am not getting rich writing this. I suppose I chose a poor name for my blog. It was a name that fit what is happening in our life, in a tongue and cheek, humorous way. I try and find a little humor in even the most inappropriate situations (just ask David, who I had cracking up in a funeral parlor some years ago, during a eulogy)

In short, I must change the blog name. Along with doing that, my URL will change, and I will have to export my blog in it's entirety to a new URL, and I am spitting that information out because I just read it on Blogger help, and I have a feeling I will lose things, and followers, and photos, and feeds. Ugh. My tech support and I (David), I fear, will be battling it out trying to figure this all out.

I will keep you posted, and notify you of my new address. I will also take any and all suggestions for a new blog title. I have some in mind, but I really am at a bit of a loss.

So thank you, Mr. Fancy pants, in Milan. You probably have never even read a word of what I have written here. You started my Monday off with a bang. I can't even pay for an attorney to file for bankruptcy, and to fight foreclosure. I certainly can't take on your fashion house.

You win.


  1. just change the spelling to pradda, and have them stick it. but pretty amazing that you are getting global readability. keep on truckin. oh and you may want to change it to paylesh, or something.

  2. Um, horrid. And weird!

    Where-ever you go, I will follow.

  3. Oh, Erin, my heart breaks for you! A friend told me about your blog and also sent me the link. As a Realtor (in another state) it boggles my mind how messed up the system is and how unfair... I can tell you though, I have worked with many home owners and if you are tenacious, you will eventually find someone at the bank willing to help you. With any luck, your lender will accept emails instead of faxes (which they routinely manage to lose or misplace). Don't give up and whatever you do don't move out! I've seen lenders take 22+ months to finally schedule a foreclosure sale! They really don't want your house, but that won't stop them from sending you nasty letters. As for Prada, how ridiculous! As if... Best of luck to you!

  4. I can't believe you took the time to write to me Betty. Thank you so much. Believe me....we are staying planted here until the last hour. I know the bank doesn't want my house, but they just won't budge either. It blows me away thinking about all the people who just give up, and dint answer their phones and follow through with all of this out of fear. I really hope someone will help us at the bank. But if not, we will go down swinging. Thank you for taking the time to care. Your words made me feel better.

  5. Crap Erin! Can you back everything up on a USB or prove to them somehow that you are not using their name for profit? Can you make it, Sounds Like Rada to Payless?