Thursday, January 27, 2011


Cabin fever is in full swing. Between snow days, and 2 hour delays, we have been inside of this house for weeks. I took Olivia to the doctor on Tuesday, and she had a bad ear infection. She was really out of it, and refused a lollipop from our doctor. It shocked all of us. Molly happily took it for her. She has been on antibiotics since then, and is fine. Yesterday, Charlotte came down with a fever. She is tired, sluggish, cranky. She is staying home today. Too much time together. Makes me a dull girl.

So, I have been taking pictures, inside of our house. Nothing else to really do. I could put away all the clothes on Charlotte's bottom bunk, or rearrange the pile of clothes in my room, or tackle mountains of artwork made by the girls. And there is always that massive cabinet in the kitchen that is overflowing with every and any kitchen appliance and serving bowl, or I could spend hours researching foreclosure proceedings, or look into how we are going to file for bankruptcy without using an attorney, seeing as we have no money to pay one. I did write down on our calender yesterday all upcoming events, and classes, and Girl Scout related trips, as I was keeping all of that information stored in my head, and suddenly realized that I was forgetting things, and switching dates. So something was accomplished. Something small. But something.

So, I don't feel so bad for snapping some shots, and reviewing some old ones that I hadn't really taken the time to notice. Funny enough, they are all of Molly. She is my subject, as of late. Maybe because she LOVES to pose. She can't really talk. She doesn't tell me to go away when she sees me coming at her with a camera. Or maybe because she is just at that beautiful stage of not quite baby, not quite little girl. She loves me so much. She thinks I am the greatest. I walk into a room, and her face lights up. I leave it, and I hear the panic in her voice. She is my number #1 fan. Who doesn't love to be loved like that?

Lately, I feel a little taken for granted by everyone around here. Lately I feel a little shoved around. Lately, I have impulses to run from these walls, screaming from the pressure, the responsibility, and some days, the monotony.

But Molly. Sweet Molly.

She thinks I am great.


  1. me thinks a modeling agency could benefit from a few of those shots. or at least a parenting magazine cute baby contest. get on it girl.