Tuesday, January 25, 2011


More snow coming tomorrow. Olivia is home with an apparent ear infection today. We will head to the doctor later today.

I am feeling calmer today, although, I am beginning to really focus in on things around the house, and how cozy it is in here. I am scared that this is my last winter here, and what will we be living in next year. The girls love it here, and each night, when they take turns saying Grace before dinner, they always give thanks for this home.

So today, I will give thanks for my time here. This time, raising my beautiful girls here, has been beyond my wildest dreams.

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  1. Erin -- remember that home is where the heart is. (cliche, i know). we moved 2 and a half years ago, for different, less stressful reasons than you may need to, and our kids were furious and sad and upset with us. Until we settled in here. Home is what you make it. They will love whatever home you make for them. A house is just a house. It's just easier to see it from hindsight.