Monday, December 13, 2010


Sitting at the bus stop this morning, the car began to make a bubbling, gurgling, noise. The temperature gauge shot up to Hot. I started shaking. I was afraid something was about to happen, like the car was about to die. I drove home, and called David. He too, is now filled with stress about this. I went on-line, and googled what it could be, and of course, a million scenarios came up. Some with a small price tag. Still others that we cannot afford. I am so worried about this, on top of everything else that I am worried about. Layer upon layer of worry. Like a stinky onion.

I have to see the goodness in my life. In our life. Someone is providing Christmas for my children. Without this help, there would not have been much for the girls. I will never be able to explain what this has meant to us. I am overwhelmed with thanks. I feel undeserving. There are no words.

Our tree is up. It is beautiful. I kept tearing up as the girls put ornaments on it, and Molly removed them. Where will we be next Christmas? Here? Will we be happy? Will we be OK?

I can't worry about the car today. I have to just focus on what we have.

 We have enough.

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