Friday, December 10, 2010


Tonight, I would like to be 24. Just for the night. I would like to still smoke too, just for tonight. I would like to stare at the clock longing for it to be 6:00. I would like to take my familiar route, up Madison Ave. to 78th Street. Walk over to York Avenue, and peek into brownstone after brownstone's ground floor kitchen's along the way.
I would like to make my way, all the way to the river. #539. Key in front door, up the one flight of stairs, and unlock the solid wood door, installed many moons before I was even born, and enter my tiny apartment. I would like to throw down my stuff, change my clothes, freshen up my makeup, and hair, check my messages, and decide on which plan that I made, with numerous people, sounds like the most fun.
I stop to pick up two packs of Camel lights, and hop in a cab.
I am young.
I am beautiful.
The possibilities are endless.
What will I have? A beer? A cocktail? Start off with a smoke. Definitely.
Tonight, we are heading to Arlington Elementary school. It is the annual spaghetti dinner, and gift shop. The girls are really psyched.
The PTA mom's really don't know who they are dealing with.
Inside of my mind, I am still 24.
Just for tonight.

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