Thursday, June 24, 2010


We are going on a vacation!!! Technically, we are vacating our home. We are leaving PA, and we are heading to East Hampton for a week! We will be staying at my parents (free!!!) and enjoying the beach (free!!!) I am happy that David is taking two weeks off. We need this time together. Especially since he will be leaving soon for Iraq. We need to just enjoy eachother. Something that we seem to have a problem doing. The stress of our daily life really seems to suck a lot of happiness from our home. That part makes me sad. We can't even really afford the expense of the gas and tolls to get away, but we almost can't afford not to.
As soon as we arrive at my parents house, any thought of relaxing diminishes quickly. My mother is never happy when her family visits. We really irritate her, and she hates people being in her home, and "messing it up". She makes no attempt to hide how little she likes our visits. She rolls her eyes, and sighs audibly. She constantly tells the girls "no". She tells me and David that too. Yet, we love East Hampton, and we love the beach, and we can't afford to rent something there, so it is the price we pay. My father is great, however. He makes us feel wanted. He seems to enjoy us being around.
I dream of a week, with no stress. I want to sit on the sand, and watch my little girls play. I love to watch their bodies in their bathing suits. They have wonderful little butts, and pretty legs, carved with young muscles, and their skin is just beautiful. They love to pick up shells, and take long walks. They love the water, and even like laying on their towels to rest, beneath the sun. Just the sound of them giggling. The soft sound of the bay tide. The breeze. My husbands dimples. The warm sun on my skin. I simply cannot wait.

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