Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am full of shit. I really am. I just read some of my prior posts, and one of them, I think, was a flat out lie. OK, maybe not a lie, but I must have been trying too hard. I wrote that I was going to take the time to smell the dandelions. I also wrote that I was going to enjoy my children more, and stress less.Yet, one of my last posts was entitled "Drowning"!!! I gotta get a grip. Enough of talking the talk. It is time, to start, as "they" say, walking the walk.
OK, so the happy news of my week was instead of Afghanistan, my David is going to Iraq. Fantastic!! Better odds of not being killed by a roadside bomb. I actually was pleased with this new turn of events. Crazy how crazy your life gets. I also mailed out my third submission to a publishing company. A big publishing company. I have written a story for children. I think it is worthy of being a staple in every childs bookshelf. I am just praying that an editor does as well.
The irony was that the manuscript sat all sealed up in an envelope, ready to go, but I didn't have any money for stamps. For almost a week, it just lay there, on the printer. The possibility of making a success of my life, AND my family's life, all sealed up ready to go, unable to pay for the postage. I choose to laugh at that today. The sealed envelope was driving me nuts, all week, just sitting there. Possibilitus interruptus.
I did finally mail it though, and with that, the possibility is there, that it will be published. Maybe my phone will ring. Maybe someone will think it is as great as I do. Like blowing dandelion fluff....the wish is airborn, enroute. Fingers crossed.
See...I took the time to sniff the dandelions today. I feel better.

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