Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The other night, it was an incredibly cool evening. There was a breeze, and the air smelled delicious. I had been in the sun that afternoon, and I had a little sunburn. The kind of sunburn that feels good. I got into bed, and the feel of the breeze blowing in the bedroom, and making my wind chimes play their songs, just seemed, magical. It felt even, hopeful. 
I imagine a home that is bayside. I talk about it often, and think about it even more. I can see the spindles of the bannister leading to the second floor. I know I will have an artist's studio there. I have a collection of nesting dolls, and I already have plans to decorate my studio with them. I saw a lamp in a magazine the other day, and I actually thought to myself, I will buy those for our home by the bay. They were lamps that had the base of a tree, and the shades were made entirely of seashells. The shells were all dark in color. When the light was on, the lampshade glows almost an amber color. I think that they will look great, either in my entry hallway, or in our master bedroom. I know that one bedroom will be a Wedgewood blue, and one room, maybe a laundry room, will be chartreuse. There will be some Carrera marble in the kitchen, and I see a clawfoot tub somewhere. An outdoor shower, and  beautiful gardens. There will be a cutting garden, a vegetable garden, and an herb garden. I see a wrap around porch, and beautiful wicker furniture on it. Lilac bushes, and hydrangeas everywhere. The living room will be welcoming, and have big, comfy couches, covered in canvas. I see lamps, and my paintings hanging. No curtains on the long, double hung windows. The kind of windows that have leaded glass, that make the outdoors look rippled. 
I know I have spoken of this bayside home before, but I feel it getting closer. The other night, on that cool, breezy evening, I could smell the air from it. I could hear the bay. I felt my sunburned skin get goose bumps from the cool breeze. I could sense this dream nearing me. Maybe it is just hope. Sometimes I fear it is a delusion. But maybe it is nearing my family. Maybe that wind blowing is change. That would be so wonderful.

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