Monday, June 21, 2010


I went to this place once, called Petrossian. My friend Steven took me there. It is a caviar and champagne restaurant, in Manhattan. It is located in the most architectually beautiful building there is in NYC, in my opinion. The entire building is carved into one entire sculpture. It is stunning. You enter the restaurant, and it is dark, and quiet. Soft music is playing, and candles are everywhere. You can get a table, or sit at the bar. They have an array of champagne to choose from, and they are also known for their vodka. You can get small carafes of it, made out of blocks of ice. The caviar menu has caviar from all over the world. It ranges from really good and pretty expensive, to the most expensive, and delicious. It is served to you on a small silver tray, with belini's and creme fraiche. The whole experience is delightful. Small, delicate food, and lovely flutes of bubbly, served to you by waiter's in tuxedo's. I remember looking at the prices on the menu's, and feeling guilty for being there. It was so decadent. A wonderful meal. An incredible night.  Pure indulgence.
Yesterday was Father's Day. We went to church, and then we went to Red Robin for lunch. I was having an anxiety attack about spending money we don't have on lunch. David wanted to go. I didn't put up a fight. Sometimes, I just want to be like everyone else. I want to be able to go to a stupid chain restaurant, where the food really isn't good at all, and be able to treat my kids to a fun lunch, guilt free. It was Father's Day, so I said to myself, screw it, let's do it. The meal was not so great, as expected. The place was loud. The prices on the menu still made me feel guilty. When I see an entree costs $9.99, I equate that to a package of diapers. The food was not served on silver trays, and their were no waiters in tuxedos to be seen. Yet sitting at our table, I looked at David, and he told me he loved me. He said my name when he told me this. I love when he calls me by name. I saw love in his eyes. I have three beautiful little girls, and a love I never knew possible.
It was a wonderful meal. An incredible lunch.

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