Thursday, May 3, 2012


So...back in the day, I literally set no limits on my spending. If it sparkled, and was pretty, I purchased it. Vintage clothes were my weakness. Specifically, Pucci. Anything Pucci. And bags. I totally dig old bags. I scored an ancient Gucci at a garage sale in Southampton that was tossed aside a table. I suspect someone was hiding it, but you snooze, you lose.

Hermes scarves also dazzled me. I found on once, at a resale shop on the Upper East Side, in a basket on the counter, by the cash register. It was mixed in with old Pierre Cardin scarves, and old lady hankies. Fifteen bucks, thank you very much!

So, today, with my limited; no money for anything but the basics....I have adjusted to window shopping. I wear the same two bras. OK, one now, as the under wire gave way from one of them, so now I appear lopsided. I have two pairs of jeans. One actually, that I wear mostly everyday, as the other pair is just a little too snug than I like. I refuse to purchase clothes for my post 3 baby girls body, and still think that there is a way to shimmy my way down to a respectable 6. Anyhoo...I digress.

Today, I had to go to Target. Love it there. But the last few months, nothing has really dazzled me. After numerous visits for Christmas presents there, I developed a tunnel vision upon entering. Meaning, get in, get out. Today, I perused. And everything...EVERYTHING....was just so cute.

From stuff for the girls, to shoes. Backyard lanterns, and outdoor rugs. Purses, and hats. It was all lovely. Even the men's shorts, and button down shirts were all just perfect for David. I could have left with four carts today. Easy.

I left after I purchased some birthday stuff for Charlotte. I felt pissed off. Upset that I couldn't buy something shiny. Something pretty, just for me. A lacy bra, or that really great looking faux sapphire ring... I hate feeling like that. Like I want to have a tantrum. Like I suddenly understood how mad Charlotte gets when we tell her no for the umpteenth time at her desires for clothes, or toys. I got it. She said the other day that sometimes, she gets so mad, she just wants to squeeze someone. I understood!

Molly and I drove away, and went to the supermarket, and purchased all the things we needed to fill our new fridge, that was delivered yesterday. (ugh...hated having to make that purchase) Suddenly, I felt thankful that I now have something to keep my food cold. I don't have to go on the back deck in my robe in the morning to get my creamer for my morning coffee out of the cooler. David and I don't have to take turns picking up ice. I actually said yes to Molly when she asked if we could get ice cream. Yes! We have a freezer!

I know...I sound childish. I feel childish. For a minute, I remembered me, foolish me, spending like there was no tomorrow. But there was, and it's here. I sold my last Pucci shirt on eBay a few years back. Those things are insignificant now. And really, my refrigerator is pretty shiny.

And we have ice cream.

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  1. I can relate completely. I finally threw in the towel and sold my one and only louis vuitton messenger bag a couple of weeks ago. It was my last remnant of my "rich days". I used to wear a 5 carat diamond ring. Now, I go into Christmas tree shop and get ONLY what I went in for and do NOT look around... (much) ;)