Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scenes from a very long weekend...

9 happened fast.

So unbelievably fast.

Requested birthday gift. That and feather earrings.
(not a fan of the earrings)

She was just blowing out an Elmo cake.

Memorial Day weekend always reminds me of being a new Mom.

So much between now and then.

Sweet summer is here.

And I have begun to paint.


1 comment:

  1. the painting is amazing! my brain cannot wrap itself around artistic talent. i just don't get it, because i have none. zero. what i DO get is the warm fuzzies that come along with Memorial day weekend. Both my boys were born on Memorial day weekend, and I was released from the hospital right smack in the middle of the Staten Island Memorial day parade both times. the hospital is right below the parade route.. nothing like sitting in parade traffic with every street detoured after having just given birth. lol. warm fuzzies!