Tuesday, December 13, 2011

looking out

Woke up to this group of does and their babies. I love how they seem to be the same little group. Always together. The moms all looking out for each others young, nudging them along. Sweet.

And then, this little guy tried so hard to get in our house. He had the cutest, black whiskers. He nibbled on a Clementine peel that he must have fished out of our garbage, and maybe thought there was more where that came from. Molly cried with fright at the sight of him staring in the house, and giggled and waved to him, as he walked away.

And my friends situation has gone from worse, to dire. As I sat and made a list of the things the girls had asked Santa for, I wished there was something we could do to truly help them out of the mess they are in. I know how desperate they feel. Getting kicked in the gut, when you are already doubled over in pain is hard to recover from. It doesn't seem like there is an end in sight some days.

That doe really looked into my eyes this morning.

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I just finished catching up with your blog after hearing you on "The Story" last week. (I'm an NPR geek!) Your blog has been very thought-provoking and beautifully written...a real gem. We have literally been invited into your home with your photographs, seeing your lovely family and all of the things that make your corner of the world special. (I love the effect of the Hipstamatic!) Even if you can't paint in your dream studio, you paint each day in your blog with words.

    When you reminisce about your days and nights in NYC, I am taken back to my own carefree college summers working as a camp counselor and pottery instructor extraordinaire (in the Poconos, at Lake Greeley, not far from Lake Wallenpaupack-Lake Wallen-six-pack, we called it then). It was great then, but I'd never want to go back now. I turned 40 this year, too and my life as a wife and mother to my two sons has been more meaningful than anything. I wish I would have kept a blog like this when my boys were babies. You have created such a gift for your girls to look back on in the future. They will probably never remember financial struggles...only picnicking in dandelion fields and sipping from champagne flutes on Thanksgiving. But if and when they read your blog, they will see how hard their parents worked to give them a wonderful, carefree childhood in the woods, watching nesting birds and planting pumpkin seeds.

    I'm not a prayer kind of person, but I'll send warm thoughts your way and hopes that your struggles with your bank are positively resolved soon. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing and know that there are people out there who hear you and know you're doing your very best. You are strong and brave and creative and definitely an awesome mom!