Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today's breakfast conversation is who can roll their tongue up like a taco shell. Three of us can do it, and Charlotte is just frustrated about it. Olivia can also bunch her tongue up like a flower. A little alarming.

The creamer that was on sale yesterday seemed like a festively good idea. Vanilla Rum spice. This morning. Not so much. I feel like I am having a cocktail at 7:45 in the morning. Not feeling it right now.

The inspection on the car is up, and on top of that, the noise that I have been turning the radio up not to hear, is getting louder. I am actually getting scared to drive it. I hate when this crap happens. David's car needs work too. The run in the hamster wheel gets so tiring sometimes.

The girls will have a happy Christmas. I am thankful for that. The unpaid bills are piling up. I can't think about them. The trip to the mailbox has been both something I have wanted to avoid, because of them, but then all of the Christmas cards makes me and the girls so excited to go. It's a mixed bag.

Wrapping to do. Baking to do. Everything seems so rushed these last few days. I just want to stretch them out. I feel like I have permission to not deal with reality, and the closer it draws to the 26th, it will cease. Olivia said in the car this morning that it is the 20th. I hated hearing that.

I would love it to be the week before Christmas for a while longer.

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