Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes from a weekend

The weekend came and went. It was really an un-ordinary few days. But it was really great, just the same.

The rain was really relaxing, and a good excuse to just stay in, and not feel bad about it at all. And falling asleep to it was even better.

A walk by the river seemed like a good idea. Except for the swarms of mosquitoes, and my crippling fear of bears. Makes every cracking stick and rustling in the leaves terrifying.

Sadly, I missed the opening of my moonflower. I saw that it was about to blow open in the late afternoon. I wanted to sit and watch it, as it opens to a full bloom in about a minute, right before your eyes. I have been stalking it. As I was cleaning up from dinner, I thought of it, and when I went outside to look at it, it had just bloomed.

There is another bud. So I will wait.

*Parenting observation: orange juice goes down in copious amounts when served in very tiny tea cups.

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