Thursday, September 8, 2011


We all remember every detail of that day. We remember the glorious sun, and vibrant blue sky. It was a picture perfect day. Everything bathed gold in Falls early light.

We all remember where we were when we first learned of what was happening in downtown NY. Whether we were in front of the television, or by a radio, listening to the horrors, and unable to even conjure up a visual image of what was being reported.

We all remember the shock. The disbelief. The feeling of time standing still, and everyone and everything moving in slow motion.

We remember the need to be with loved ones. The need to be together. The need to hold one another.

We remember each and every time we saw the films replayed on the news, it was like seeing it for the first time.

We remember the desperate faces of people holding pictures of their loved ones, and pleading for them to call home when they reached safety.

We remember how that day seemed to go on and on. Like that golden sun would never set. And maybe, we would wake up in the morning, and this would be just a nightmare. Because it was. A nightmare.

But I think, somewhere along the past decade, we lost our way. Because what I remember, aside from the utter horror of the day, and the days that followed, was a changed America. A uniting of every person in this country, the likes never before seen. At least in my lifetime.

Flags everywhere. People holding doors for one another. Making eye contact with strangers, and saying hello. Being courteous on the roads. Donating money, and blood, and supplies. Gathering in churches, and homes, and bars, and on the streets. It was a time that we were all united. By pain. By fury. By sadness. By disbelief. By astonishment. By fear. We all had a bond. The bond of being human, and really seeing the fragility of life.

Now we have a country divided. By race. By how much money you may or may not have. By sexuality. By religion. By political party. Even our own government is divided, and can't seem to get it together.

We have forgotten. We have forgotten so much in 10 years. About human kindness, and compassion. About helping each other. About caring for your fellow man.

We need to remember that time. All the thousands who perished, and continue to do so, deserve it. We owe them that much, don't you think?

We all need to really remember.

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