Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crystal clear

"What does authentic mean, Mommy", Charlotte asked me the other day. "It means something is real, not fake." That was the best I could come up with quickly. "Oh...so this box of cookies is authentic, and this juice is authentic, and people are authentic?" Ugh.....I thought, no. "No, Charlotte. These cookies are not authentic. In fact they are jammed with I don't even know what. People....well. "Yes Charlotte. People are authentic. Some people. Not all people".

 That one went right over her head. And honestly, I just don't want to get too deep with a six year old. She takes everything so literally. How could I explain that some people are the real deal. They are authentic. They do as they say. They are not pretending to be something else. They just are authentic, in every sense of the word. Not false or copied. Genuine. And some people are not. How could she even grasp that? 

Some days, the elephant in the room is not seen. Some times, it is so still, I do not notice it. And after a while, it becomes part of the room, and accepted. It is no longer blaring. Just ever present. And some days, I smack right into it, and realize that it has no place here. It doesn't belong, and never should have been allowed in.

If I want my little girls to see authenticity, in it's true form, and hopefully, they too will live what they learn, the elephant needs to go.

Once and for all.


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