Monday, November 8, 2010


The day I have been fearing came to be. David and I had to go to the Sheriff's office on Friday, and pick up our foreclosure summons. It is official. The mortgage company is going full steam ahead, and taking our home. I am really, really, scared. More scared than I have been about this whole mess. We have 20 days to respond to the mortgage company, and ironically, you have to respond through a lawyer. I can't afford a lawyer. We can't afford Christmas this year. I certainly cannot pay an attorney.
We got a car. It is really nice, with low mileage. I cooked a special dinner Saturday night, to celebrate this small victory for my family. I am relieved to have transportation. I can leave my house. I can drive to the bus stop. I can take the girls to the doctor. I am so thankful for the car.
We went to take a ride in it yesterday. The girls love it. David and I are so stressed, and we just wanted to relax, for just a little while. We were driving down the road, and the the engine light came on. The friggin engine light came on. I mean...are you kidding me? Really?
I laid in bed all night, unable to sleep, listening to the winds howl, and thought, we are just never going to get out of this mess.
 Things are just never going to get easy for us, are they?

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