Thursday, November 18, 2010


We received word from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency the other day. We had applied for an emergency loan, to help us save our home. We have been denied. The letter states that we have no reasonable prospect of resuming full mortgage payments. It also says that "Applicant is not suffering financial hardship due to circumstances beyond applicant's control"...Several things came to mind when I read the letter. Besides panic, and rage, and an overwhelming need to vomit, was that it wasn't unexpected. This seems to be the way our life goes.
That same day, David called to tell me his Grandfather died. Grandpa Joe. He was ancient. He dropped dead on the front lawn of his house, on the way to a doctors appointment. He was days away from moving into a home. Something he never wanted to do. He wanted to die in his home. He has always said that. Kind of beautiful.
Today, I had to file our response to the foreclosure notice, with the court. We couldn't afford an attorney, so we googled how to do it, and typed it up, and I have to say, it looked pretty darn official.
Christmas is coming, and the girls submitted their lists to Santa. How we are going to pull this off should be very interesting. I have listed some things at Etsy (see the fancy link on the side) in the hopes that I can make a buck or two.
But I expect I will not, cause that's how things seem to go around these here parts.

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