Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today, I am taking Molly to story time at the library. She loves being with the other babies. I love watching her be a baby. I love watching her joy.
I feel like painting again. Maybe I will get some books out about flowers. Maybe a cookbook too.
I miss painting. I dream of a studio, all my own. A place to write, and paint, and be alone. It is by the side of a stream, in my minds eye. It is filled with books, and all things that I love. It smells like linseed oil. Maybe some orchids, because the light in it is so incredible.
I love visiting this place, even though, I have never stepped foot in it. I think about this place, when I can't shut off the scary thoughts in my head.
When I am in that place, sleep comes easy.

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  1. Erin - Your work is absolutely gorgeous. How can I buy one?!

    xo T