Wednesday, November 24, 2010


There never seems to be a dull, stress free moment around here. And in that spirit, today began filled with anxiety. Due to a massive system failure at David's job, he did not get paid. No one did. At least I can take comfort in that. At least I am not one of those women out there who were waiting for pay day, to go to the supermarket, to get what I needed for the house full of company that is coming over tomorrow, and now unable to. My worry is that we have fifty cents in the bank, and no way to get to my parents for our turkey dinner. No gas in the car, and actually, no groceries in my fridge, as I thought we were going to be out of town for the weekend, enjoying time with old friends. And here I was, actually looking forward to this weekend, even in the mess we are in. Bad luck is our companion. Why would it take a day off.
So, I will try and count my blessings, in order to avoid having my head blow off my shoulders.

I will drive to Charlotte's school today, with what little gas I have left, and watch her recite the "Jazzy ABC's" in her "Poetry and Punch" performance.
I will be thankful that we still have a house, for now, in which to call home.
I will be thankful that it is warm inside of it. (knock on wood)
I will be thankful for my husband, and the upward climb he continues on each day.
I will be thankful for my beautiful little girls, in every way possible.
I will be thankful that my parents are still alive, and are so good to me and my family.
I am thankful that I have my friend, Nichol. Even though she lives in Germany right now, I have her in my life.
I am thankful for the warm sun that is shining in my window.
I am thankful for the gap toothed man I married, and having two kids with gap toothed smiles. That beautiful smile will live on.
I am thankful for the girls assorted dimples, and Davids.
I am thankful that we have a car.
I am thankful that someone at David's job overheard him talking to me on the phone about not getting paid, and offered to loan him money.
I am thankful for all of the kind words and good thoughts that people have sent our way.
I am thankful that we had Grandpa Joe in our life, for as long as we did.
I am thankful for no one being sick.
I am thankful for medical insurance.
I am thankful for good report cards.
I am thankful for hearing Olivia sing in the shower.
I am thankful for Molly's habit of calling out "mommy" in her sleep.
I am thankful my girls go to school with breakfast in their belly's and clean clothes on their bodies.
I am thankful to have diapers and baby wipes.
I am thankful to have good neighbors.
I am thankful that I am alive. I don't ever want to leave this party.
I am thankful to have these days of raising these beautiful little creatures. I am in awe of them.
I am thankful to have had all of this. I am thankful for these days. They are filled with stress, and at times, frighten me, but I will long for them one day.

I will cry when they are over.

I am thankful to be loved.

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