Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No good deed goes unpunished.

A few years ago, David and I witnessed our neighbors house being robbed, and we did nothing about it. We didn't actually know that there was an actual robbery in progress. We thought it was more of a "midnight move" scenario. My neighbor, Barbara, had not paid her mortgage in more than a year, and it was being foreclosed on. She had really hit rock bottom, after losing her job, and slipping into abusing drugs. It was a sad descent to see unfold before our eyes. We tried to help her, but she needed more help than we were able to give her. It was sad to see a human sink so low. Heartbreaking.
One rainy night, I heard a truck pull into Barbara's driveway. I saw the lights go on in her home. The rain was really coming down. The people who appeared to be "moving her out" were actually shouting to one another. David actually was coming home from being out, and drove by the house, and saw the truck, and saw furniture sticking out of the truck, covered in a sheet. He saw the make of the truck, and the color. He came home, and rolled his eyes, and said, "I guess Barbara is moving out".
The next morning, I heard Barbara crying. I saw several people in her driveway. I walked over, and as I approached, I heard her sobbing, saying "They took everything!". Oh boy, I thought. I walked over to her, and she collapsed into my arms, crying, and telling me she was robbed.
You will never imagine how foolish I felt, when I had to tell her that we saw the whole thing happen. Her face went from sadness, to shock, to a tinge of anger. So did all of her friends. I felt really...dumb. I felt like a dummy. I had to explain to her, everything I saw. She seemed shocked that I had not called the police. I had to be frank, and tell her that I honestly thought she was moving out of her home under the cover of darkness. She looked embaressed, but I think she understood.
The police came, and David gave a description of the truck, and oddly enough, the same truck, and it's inhabitants had had a run in with the authority's the night before, and they knew where the people lived. They went to the home, and it was there they found a juvenile, with all of Barbara's belongings in his family's garage. The people were arrested, and we all felt that justice would be served.
Skip ahead about three years later. David got a subpeona for the court case, to be a witness, of the robbery. He was only happy to go. He took the day off of work, and waited around all day to testify, only to be told that the alleged perpetrator, had not shown up for court, and a warrant was out for his arrest.
A few months later, he was called back to court. Again, he took the day off of work. He waited around, all day, again, and this time, was told, he would not have to testify. The "gentleman" had plead guilty.
David walked to our car, and had gotten a parking ticket. He had missed putting more coins into the meter by minutes. He put the ticket away, into the glove box, knowing we had no money to pay our bills, let alone, this parking ticket. It would have to wait.
Well, as you can imagine, the ticket has remained unpaid. We heard nothing regarding this ticket until the other day. An envelope arrived in the mail, from the constable. It was a bright orange piece of paper. Across the top of it, it said, ARREST WARRANT. A bench warrant has been issued for David, for this unpaid parking ticket, stemming from the court case in which we witnessed a crime. A real crime. Ironically, the people who robbed Barbara's home are not in jail, and are out and about, roaming my very neighborhood. Yet, there is a warrant out for David's arrest.
You just can't make this shit up.

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  1. Good Lord. I mean, really?!?

    Time for things to turn for you and your beautiful family - sending piles of good juju from Sugar Hollow!