Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The cool part of the pillow

Yesterday, I had to clean the entire house. We had been away for the last two weeks, so it had really not been cleaned in that time. I also had to do the laundry. I now have no dryer, so I have to wash and dry the clothes at the laundromat. It is really becoming a pain in the ass, especially having all of the girls with me. Not fun at all. I also had to go to the supermarket. Another awful thing to do with three children in tow.
As I was driving, the girls and I were discussing our favorite part of the day. Charlotte said her favorite part of the day was eating. I laughed. Olivia said her favorite part of the day was going to bed. That nice cozy feeling you get when you first lie down in your own bed. She said she loved that feeling. How sweet, I thought. Charlotte then said she loved the cool part of the pillow. She loved when she moved her head, after it had been on the same part of the pillow for awhile, and had really warmed up the area, to the cool side. She loves that place. It felt nice and refreshing.
We spent Saturday night at the Waldorf Astoria. Compliments of my parents. We were in NYC for my father's 70th birthday. He didn't want a party. He wanted to treat his family to a night out in New York. Dinner, drinks, fancy hotel, the works. We had a suite. We were on the 24th floor, with a great view, and we had a two full bathrooms, with a bedroom, and a livingroom. It was beautiful. We had a great dinner, and we relaxed, for a night. My father was beaming. It was really something.
I was laughing to myself as I drove to the laundromat to wash our clothes, and then onto the supermarket where I had a limited amount of food to buy, due to my dwindling food stamp balance. How funny to be sleeping at the Waldorf  one day, sipping Prosecco, and the next day, back to my life. I stepped out of our reality, for just a minute, and it was really nice. It was refreshing. The cool part.
Now, I am back in the warmed up half.

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