Sunday, June 24, 2012


My girls were playing next door, at their best friends house, as they always do, on the swing set. They run to and fro from our house to hers. The girls even made a tree limb lined path, between our homes. I had to let go of my worry long ago, and let them play outside, as kids do, and pray quietly that they aren't abducted. I cannot live in fear, and lock them up, so they have this small freedom. Right now.

Their best friend was going to be sleeping over. The girls were beyond excited. They were squealing. Molly came home alone, and looked sad as she walked in the door. She had wet her big girl panties, rushing home on the path, to use her little frog potty. I comforted her, and got her into the tub. As this was happening, David went to the door, and called the girls in for the evening. It was close to 8:00.

Within minutes, the house was bustling with very happy, loud girls. Molly wanted her beloved bath time cut short, so she could join in the fun.

Literally, maybe 10 minutes after the girls were all indoors, I heard David scream from the kitchen, "Bear!!" We rushed to the front door to see. Molly started screaming out of fright. I scooped her up, and made it to the screen, in time to see a massive, male, black bear, right where the girls had just been playing. I mean right there!!!!!

My heart was in my throat. It lumbered around for a bit, and made it's way back of the driveway, and then, turned and ran back down it. It walked around the side of the house, and disappeared.

I still cannot get the image of Molly walking along the little path, back to our house, with wet underwear, all alone. I cringed all night thinking of the girls playing on the swing set, not moments before the bears arrival. Images kept flashing into my brain all night.

David even went so far as to google the amount of fatalities at the hands (or paws!) of black bears. He read to me over and over, how they do not just attack people.

But still. I can't stop looking out at them. And every stick breaking in the woods, has my attention.

I can't cut their freedom. I can't keep constant watch. I so wish their was another option.

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  1. There is another option...learn to respect and understand nature and teach your girls the same. Teach them what to do if they see a bear (make yourself known by waving your arms and shouting so you don't surprise the bear, and/or just walk away slowly). They will pick up on your fears; if you are always scared of things, your daughters will grow to be fearful, dependent women.