Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The bumpy road

The other day, I was running errands, with all three girls in tow. Not so much fun. All of them wanted to be doing other things, including me, other than food shopping, and generally schlepping all over kingdom come.

 Charlotte whines every time we go out anywhere in the bleeding daylight, about how we never go out to lunch. Why can't we go to get some pizza? Donuts would be so goes on and on. She get the same response each and every time. I explain how expensive it is, and we have food in our refrigerator, and lunch will be served at home. I glance in the mirror, and see her blue eyes roll, every time. Ugh...

I was coming from Target, and wanted to get toward town, so I turned on Clearview. Everytime I turn down that road, the girls squeal with delight. They call it "the bumpy road". And, if you have been on it, it is. Sharp drops from steep hills make your guts quiver. The faster you go, the more thrilling the ride. You can see from the bottom out marks along the road that this is true. Me, the ever careful Mom driver, does not take these hills fast. But even at a legal pace, the road makes everyone giggle. Taking the "bumpy road" always entertains, so I opted for this route to lessen the backseat whining.

We were driving behind one of those little cars, that are made to sound awful. You know the ones. They drive down the street, and their exhaust system does something so terrible, and is unbearably loud, there are times when I have imagined myself scolding the driver for doing that on purpose to their car. This particular car was blue. An electric blue. And loud.

They took the bumpy road fast. Really fast. You could see the car in the distance approach the hills, and suddenly drop out of sight. They were flying. They were almost out of sight when I saw something that made me literally yell out loud. Garbage flew from the driver side window, out into the incredibly beautiful woods, that makes the ride so amazingly picturesque. Garbage!!! Out the window!!! On purpose!!!

It took all of my will not to stop, and pull over, and get the trash. There is no shoulder, and where the garbage had been tossed, there was no road to pull off. My girls saw it at the same time. We were all shocked. I was actually so angry. And then, as the road leveled off, and curved, leading into a neigborhood, they turned left, and pulled right into a driveway, and parked, and got out. Not 1/4 of a mile away! They couldn't take their trash into the house with them???? They had to litter? Did they not care about the beautiful place that we call home? Where they really that callous?

It is breathtaking here. Winding roads, and creeks alongside of them. Fields, and mountains. A Main Street that makes me smile each time I drive through it. I felt like I had to scold the driver. Like I had to ask "why"? Maybe they needed to hear that someone saw what they did, and it isn't ok. I slowed the car down, and for a moment, thought about doing it. But my girls were in the car. And I just couldn't risk it.

But I saw it. And I know where they live. And pretty soon, I will be on Clearview alone. Maybe I will bring them their garbage that they tossed into such a beautiful place. I certainly will clean up their mess.

 But I will never understand how anyone feels it's ok to toss what they no longer need, cigarette butts, and all, out into what belongs to everybody.

It is selfishness at it's highest level.

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