Friday, April 20, 2012


A long lost good friend walked back into my life yesterday. I went to bed last night reliving crazy times in NYC, in both of our younger days, flashing through my mind. A night running through Southampton after too many drinks, pushing her in a shopping cart. Sitting Shiva with her when she lost a grandparent. Hearing about the death of her way too young brother just a month ago on the phone yesterday made my skin tighten and feel cold. My heart broke for her.

People pass in and out of your life. I let too many people go. I know this about myself. Days turn into weeks, and before I take the time to let them know I miss them, and I still need them in my life, it seems like too mush time has passed, and I am too scared to call. Too scared to reach out. And all that is left is distance.

Hearing her voice yesterday made me both happy, and sad, that I let so much time pass. Knowing of her loss made it that much worse. But we can pick up. She is still my friend. And I am so ever thankful for that.

Time passes too quickly. I look at my little Molly, and think that her babyhood is completely over. OK...I am still changing diapers, despite toilet training attempts, but Poof! Just like that, this May, I will have a 9 year old, and a 7 year old, and the baby will be 3. Just like that.

Time moves fast. And it's nice to bring those certain few along with you. I found one. Now I have some calls and letters to write to a few others.

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