Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Long weekend. That seems to still not have ended.

 Easter and candy. Egg hunts. Two..I think. One in the house, one outside, one at the church, one at a friends...OK, four. That explains there being more candy here than Halloween.

Lights are still on. Water almost got cut off today. Officially we have zero dollars in the bank, and not much in the fridge, and pay day is still 3 days away. But we have water.

 And did I mention a hot water heater that is about to go? And a giant leak under the kitchen sink. And my tires are really getting down to the last of their tread. And Charlotte has pink eye. Eyes, actually. Luckily, I had brand new, in the package still, pink eye medicine. So, we avoided a co-pay.

I suppose, I should be thankful for that.

I sound angry. And bitter.

Today, I am.

A little bit of both.