Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring bouquet

Charlotte and Molly gave me a bouquet made of buttercups. And dandelions. The dandelions were huge, and stayed in water all weekend. They were beautiful. A most under-rated flower.

 Lilacs are not very abundant here. There is one bush of them by an old abandoned farm house. We pulled the car over the other day, and I got out, and snagged some. I glanced at the old house. It has a beautiful old wrap around porch. It is on the prettiest piece of land. There is even an ancient looking chicken coop on the property. Made me wonder who used to live there. What happened. Why is the house empty for so many years.

Across the street from the house is an even older looking barn. The kind that has a stone foundation. It is a dream of a house. Sitting empty. The front door busted down. I am sure, the inside of it trashed.

I would kill to sneak a peek inside of it.

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