Monday, April 2, 2012


Thinking about going off somewhere and taking some pictures. Thinking about a painting. Thinking about my water colors this morning. Thinking about blowing the dust off of them. If I can find them.

Thinking about making frames. Instead of buying them. But I am not the handiest with a hammer. Should be interesting.

Thinking about all of the phone calls I owe. And letters to write. And people I have lost touch with, all through my own doing. I sometimes just look at the numbers on the phone, and don't answer. I hate talking on the phone. And all the energy it seems to take. Maybe I am just becoming more of a loner, as I get older. I don't crave friendships.Is that terrible?

Don't want to think about the impending light turn off. And really don't want to think about the hot water heater that is seriously on the fritz. Most showers these days, are lukewarm, at best. Thankful that the weather is moving in a warmer direction, and not the opposite.

Thinking about the bus. It is taking my two girls to school soon. Without David here, I am just not at my best, tolerance wise. They drove me batty. Mostly yesterday. But I tried. And I most certainly,  did not handle it all with grace. But soon, the house will be quiet. Just me, and Molly.

And my paints. And my plan to take pictures that will go nowhere.

 And my worry. After my lukewarm shower.

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